VR165 Vertical Rod

The VR165 vertical rod strike is designed for use with vertical rod exit devices with roller latch. This surface mounted strike accommodates 5/8” roller latch. The heavy-duty RCI VR165 is made of high grade stainless steel offering superior keeper strength. The conventional keeper design (one moving part) promotes even load distribution. To prevent vibration manipulation the RCI VR165 has a horizontal solenoid. Lockdown tabs provide a secure mount with HEX socket head cap screws for added support and tamper resistance.Energy: 450mA Field-Selectable 12/24VDC & 12-24VAC (Max at 12VDC)Strength: 1,500lbf Static 70 Dynamic ft-lbEndurance: 250,000 CyclesMode: Fail-SecureWarranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty