Studio 3D™ Soundproof Interior Doors

ASI is proud to offer the market’s first affordable soundproof interior door. Our recording studio doors have an STC value up to 56. The Studio 3D soundproof doors are ideal for recording studios, offices, band rooms, hotels, dorm rooms, conference rooms or any application where a soundproof interior door is required. The soundproofing doors come standard in oak, ready to stain with silver hardware. Custom finishes and hardware options are available for this door sound insulation product.

  • Low Cost – High Performance
  • STC Ratings Up To 56
  • Custom Manufactured Acoustic Door to Any Size Specification
  • Appx. 300 lb Door Assembly
  • 2¾″ 13 Layer Door Assembly
  • Comes Pre-Hung and Assembled
  • Adjustable Soundproof Jambs & Seals
  • Ready To Stain/Paint to Match Your Decor
  • Best Performance Wood Finished Door Assembly Available
  • Automatic Sill
  • Heavy Duty Hinges (4)
  • 3-Point Latching System