SLF & SLFH Unhoused Spring Mounts

Mason SLF & SLFH Unhoused Spring Mounts provide the greatest deflection – up to 2″ to ensure excellent isolation. Mason vibration isolation mounts are used to support equipment located on upper building levels where there are wide vibration sensitive spans. For outdoor applications where wind loads may affect lateral stability, see Mason SLR or SLRH restrained spring mounts.

Mason SLF one inch deflection spring mounts provide far greater vibration control than the lower deflection neoprene mounts. Each Powder coated steel spring is in series with neoprene, providing excellent isolation efficiency. The Mason SLFH’s spring serves to isolate a broad range of disturbing vibration frequencies, while the rubber is a high frequency or noise break. Start and stop as well as horizontal wind force will require the use of C, SLR or SSLFH Type mounts that have built-in horizontal limits.

Mason SLFH two inch deflection spring mounts are for use on equipment located on upper level wide building spans, where more than one inch of deflection is needed to cancel the effect of the building span’s deflection. Two inch deflection springs use the same holders as one inch springs.