RCI PDD-FT/PDM-4/8/8S Distribution Boards

PDD-FT/PDM-4/8/8s distribution boards are now discontinued. Please see dormakaba’s all new DKPS Power Supplies.
The RCI distribution boards (PDD-FT, PDM-4, PDM-8, & PDM-8s) distribute a single low voltage output and can be used to customize a power supply after installation. The PDM-4 distributes a DC source into 4 outputs, the PDM-8 distributes a DC source into 8 outputs, and the PDM-8s distributes up to 3 DC sources into 8 outputs. Each output has a red LED power indicator which improves blown fuse recognition and reduces servicing time. The PDD-FT board is a fire panel control interface that can be used to control DC output based on a fire alarm control panel.Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty