RCI 4 Series Centerline

The 4 series centerline strike accommodates ¾” latch projections. Its various faceplate options and 1-1/2” cut-out depth accommodates most door frame types and materials. Installation is simple with standard mounting tabs and included fasteners. Crossed wires are never a problem, as the coil is not polarity sensitive. The RCI 4 series centerline strikes are available with an optional 1-1/2 hour fire-rating. 41 Series depicts fail-secure and 43 Series depicts fail-safe.Energy: 200mA 11-16VAC, 12VAC/VDC, 24VAC/VDC (At 12VDC)Strength: 1,500lbf Static2 70ft-lb Dynamic (1,500lbf Static for fire-rated models, 1,000lbf for non-fire-rated 04 & 14 faceplates, 500lbf for 05, 07, 08 & 19 faceplates.)Endurance: 500,000 Cycles (Fire-rated (F) models only, 250,000 for other models)Mode: Fail-Secure & Fail-SafeFire-Rated: Optional 1-1/2-Hour Models Available (Fire-rated (F) models only available in fail-secure mode with 04 & 14 faceplates)Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty