RAC5 online Multi-floor access controller

Designed to connect to a property network, RAC5 provides elevator floor access control to secure stops for up to 64 floors. 
The new RAC5 multi-floor controller (MFC) is our next generation remote access controller for online or stand-alone perimeter or elevator applications. 
RAC5 functions with the RAC5 Series RFID readers and dormakaba’s Ambiance Access Management software.
Mobile Access Enabled
The RAC5 functions with dormakaba RFID readers and are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable. Readers can operate using dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions for guest suite doors, perimeter and with RAC5 for all elevator applications.
RAC5 multi-floor controller offers these additional features:Remotely cancel credentials in real-timeRemotely pull audit reportsRemotely update firmwareSecure bootloader and TLS over ethernet for improved securitySupports up to 64 relays in each unit