Keyscan LUNA Access Control Software

Keyscan LUNA™ is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for customers that want simple and secure access control, without the complicated features and expense that comes from large scale deployments, making it ideal for today’s small businesses.
Keyscan LUNA can do more for you
LUNA software makes security, accountability, user management and usage reporting available to small business at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.
Keyscan LUNA software can be utilized to manage both hardwired door controllers (SDAC) as well as select E-Plex electronic offline locks.
A Single Door Access Control Unit (SDAC) is designed to secure one door with up to two readers and supply power for one electric locking device. The unit functions on a WiFi point-to-point or WLAN with a PC laptop running LUNA™ software.
The same Keyscan LUNA software is also utilized to manage select E-Plex offline locks using a handheld M-Unit to transport data to and from the lock.People Management: manage users, assign credentials and permissionsHardware management: install, configure and operate up to 6 SDAC control units + a host of select E-Plex electronic locksAccess levels: set permission levels and user groupsSchedules: for pre-authorized entry times including holiday schedule settingsTransaction reports: for select or full system usage and transactions for audits and investigations