Keyscan Aurora Control Software

The Keyscan Aurora software is the culmination of years of research and innovation directed towards expanding access control functionality. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, dormakaba’s Keyscan Aurora software is a high-performance access control platform. 
With many features and a host of integration options, it provides a single software solution for access control with no performance-limiting or system expansion governors. Keyscan Aurora is ideal for any access control applications regardless of size or complexity.
Advanced features include managing, auditing and controlling door and elevator floor access as well as robust integration support for wireless and electronic locks, video management systems, visitor management systems, intrusion alarm systems, Active Directory, SMART elevator systems, and more.
Aurora can also support a hybrid hardwired access systems as well as both E-Plex wireless and offline lock systems with full control and audit capability, allowing you to use the same credentials throughout your facility.Multiple integration options with high profile manufacture product linesRobust software platform with no expansion governors or performance delimitersIdeal for any access control applications regardless of size or complexity