The K-SMART3 reader is a cost-effective 13.56MHz reader solution. The Keyscan K-SMART3 is able to function with both physical and mobile credentials in environments with K-SMART and K-SMART3 readers. The K-SMART3 makes an ideal choice for new installations and existing system upgrades and retrofits.  
K-SMART3 offers unrivalled performance and reliability when coupled with Keyscan K-SECURE credentials. Plus, it reads Keyscan 36-bit format for enhanced reader and credential encryption.
The K-SMART3 includes added technologies and dedicated functions for Keyscan systems. Its anti-tamper “heartbeat” intelligence triggers alarm conditions when the signal is interrupted. Plus, auxiliary LED indicators provide visual confirmation of Keyscan‘s exclusive Present3 and lockdown mode.Leading edge K-SMART3 readers are mobile-ready for use with Keyscan mobile credentials