InSync Lock Series

InSync locks work together with SAM RF software to create a single system that manages both key and access control at perimeter entries, amenity and utility doors as well as apartment or bedroom doors. With the InSync system, administrators only need to program the locks once; the software continually manages critical informational changes such as access privileges and move ins/outs. This information is delivered automatically to each lock via the InSync key once the “New” version of the key is created and used in the locks. Only one key is required for use at multiple access points, creating a convenient and efficient “No Touring” user experience. InSync lock models accommodate virtually all door types and preparations, and common area/amenity applications. The locks feature contemporary finishes and lever options to complement today’s design trends.Unit — Designed for apartment entry, offices, utility rooms, and moreSuite — Ideal for multiple leases per apartment, such as student housingCommon — Used for perimeter entries and amenity spacesEntry — Used to make an InSync Unit lock behave like a hotel lock; the lock will always automatically re-lock behind a residentSuite Egress — Used to make a Suite lock act like a Unit lock where the key or the thumbturn is used to manually re-lock the lock