Indala Reader Series

The Keyscan Indala reader series delivers outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming. They provide a secure environment with an added level of access control system security through a verification process at the reader. Utilizing the Keyscan 36 bit format structure the Indala reader and credential combination is reliable and trusted by clients. The 36 bit Indala series is made exclusively for use with our Keyscan access control systems. 
Indala Readers are available in the following models: 

MCR-30-H Slimline Mullion Reader
MCR-50-H Standard Reader
MCR-64-H Standard Keypad Reader

Other models include:

PX-603 Mullion Reader 
PX-605 Standard Reader 
PX-610 Mid-range Reader 
PX-620 Long-range Reader 
PX-K501 Reader & Keypad