Improved Time Tracking and Absence Management

b-comm for Workday
The dormakaba b-comm solution is trusted by more than 1,800 customers to safely capture and deliver employee time and labor entries to their ERP systems. Its enterprise-class design facilitates data collection from a variety of devices such as dormakaba Time Clocks, Smart Devices, Telephone IVR, and PC/Web Clocks.
All integration is handled securely and seamlessly using standard Workday web services. Validation data is maintained in the Workday HCM, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Time and Labor data collected in b-comm automatically updates the employee’s Workday Time Sheet.
The innovative data collection solutions from dormakaba are designed to be highly available and provide real time validation. This validation significantly reduces, if not eliminates the efforts associated with time card corrections. Data collection solutions must be available 24 x 7. This high availability design ensures employees can use the b-comm system even during times of planned or unplanned outages.
The ability to facilitate business communication is the founding principle of b-comm. The solution provides more than just a cost-effective way to manage time and labor data collection, it provides the best path to communicate with employees.