IMF Simple Spring Mounts – Unhoused

Virtually eliminate structurally transmitted noise and vibration by installing equipment on Spring Mount Vibration Isolators. Properly selected and installed anti-vibration spring mounts offer the greatest assurance that destructive vibration and noise will be eliminated or greatly reduced.

Anti-vibration spring mounts should be installed where maximum vibration and noise control is needed. Anti-vibration mounts are most frequently required on upper building levels and on equipment located near inhabited areas with rotational speeds below 1200 RPM.

When installing equipment on very wide vibration sensitive building spans it may be necessary to select anti-vibration spring mounts with even higher deflection than shown in this guide in order to cancel the effect of the spans deflection or “sag”. The spring mount vibration isolators selected must have a static deflection at least three times greater than the floor span deflection to insure minimum effective vibration control.

One inch deflection spring vibration isolators have a minimum deflection of 3/4″ two inch deflection springs have a minimum deflection of 1-1/2″. This minimum deflection allows for 25% error in equipment weight and is normally exceeded.