Green Glue

Viscoelastic Damping Compound

  • Non-Toxic
  • No Mixing Required
  • Simple, Familiar, “Caulk Gun” Application
  • Considerably Reduced Application Cost
  • Light Material Squeezes from Tubes Easily – Low Worker Fatigue

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Green Glue is a liquid, waterborne, viscoelastic damping compound which represents the highest performance product of its type. We are aware of no product available to the construction market which can deliver damping levels even 30% as high as those offered by Green Glue viscoelastic damping compound. It is also significantly lower in applied cost than competitive products, getting a better cost/performance ratio in the damping of normal construction materials such as drywall, wood products, etc. Finally, the Green Glue viscoelastic damping compound is remarkably tolerant to real-world application conditions and carries almost none of the burden of precision required by many damping systems.