EW8310 Early Warning Mag Lock

The EW8310 Early Warning is designed to prevent break-ins as they occur and before thieves have a chance to gain access to perimeter doors. The RCI EW8310 maglock is equipped with a patented internal sensor that detects door movement on single outswinging doors. Attempted forced entry initiates an alarm response locally or remotely prior to the door being compromised. A built-in security condition sensor monitors and indicates that the door is closed, bonded, and that the electromagnetic lock is maintaining normal functions.Energy: 580mA Field-Selectable 12/24VDC (Max at 12VDC)Strength: Up to 1,200lbf Holding ForceWarranty: 10 Year Limited WarrantyMode: Fail-SafeFire-Rated: CAN/ULC S104 UL 10C 1-1/2-HourMonitoring: Built-In Security Condition Sensor