E-Plex Enterprise Software with Wireless Option

Many of the E-Plex locks are stand-alone access control and do not require software, but the E-Plex line also offers several software management options that will make updating and managing your access control system efficient and effective.The E-Plex Enterprise Software with Wireless Option allows advanced management of the E-Plex Series locks with features such as access schedule, holiday and vacation blocks, visitor management and much more.  
E-Plex Enterprise Software is used with the E-Plex 5200/5600/5700 family of standard door locks and their equivalent Stand-Alone Access Controllers (SACs), and in the E-Plex 3200/3600/3700 family of narrow stile locks. The E5200/3200 are single credential PIN access only locks. The E5700 and 3700 are 125 kHz PROX–based dual credential locks. The E5600/3600 are Smart card-based dual credential locks. 
Building an access control system is easy as 1-2-3:

Select the credential – pin, card, or pin and card
Identify access points – the E-Plex line offers locking devices for every access point, including garage doors and parking gates.
Choose product – view the E-Plex electronic lock series