E-Plex 5870 Series FIPS 201

The following dormakaba Electronic Lock products have been discontinued, effective immediately. Replacement locks and/or parts will be available while supplies last. Once supplies are depleted, no more will be offered or available.
Technical support of the E5800 locks and FIPs software will be supported through December 31, 2021. Some Windows OS may not support this SW. *As changes evolve with the standards and directive, some newer cards may not be compatible with the current locks and software offered.
Please contact your local sales representative or customer service (800.849.8324) if you have any questions. 
Electronic dual credential solution for dual-swing doors, parking gates, glass doors, etc., featuring online-type functionality in a stand-alone, easy-to-install reader housing with keypad—PIN and/or FIPS 201.1 or DESFire Smart card (13.56 MHz). Lock is scheduled to require credentials based on security and convenience requirements. PIN only, Smart card only, PIN + Smart card.