Curve Low-Profile Diffusor

The Curve Low-Profile Diffusor is a new addition to our acclaimed Curve Diffusor product line. The Low-Profile is only 3″ deep, enabling placement in nearly any situation that would accept a 2″ deep flat panel absorber, and it may be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientation. The walnut trim (other wood species available) and wide selection of fabric options make this highly effective Diffusor-Absorber the best choice in any high-design-value décor.

The Low-Profile sound absorbing wall panel features 77% diffusion and 23% absorption from 500Hz to 20kHz. Wall mounting is simple and mounting hardware is included. The Low-Profile Acoustic Diffusor-Absorber measures 43″ high by 15.5″ wide (in vertical orientation) and weighs only 10 pounds.

The Low-Profile sound absorbing wall panel offers:

  • Diffusion and Absorption
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Custom Fabric and Trim Options