Curve Diffusor

Curve Diffusors are the most natural-sounding, accurate, and affordable improvement you can make to room acoustics. The Curve Diffusor’s innovative phase-coherent, constant-radius design, with built-in MLV membrane low-bass absorber, uniquely solves two acoustical issues: diffusing mid-high frequencies and controlling low frequency. It simplifies the creation of accurate acoustic spaces and adds a great high-design style.

Features & Benefits

  • Cylindrical (constant-radius) design is Phase-Coherent – provides much better soundfield imaging for stereo and surround
  • Accurate broadband diffusion – smooth diffusion pattern at any incident angle across 120 degrees from 300Hz to over 7KHz
  • Built in MLV Bass Trap membrane – works in combination with the CornerSorberTM to provide laboratory-proven low-frequency absorption from 45Hz to over 200Hz
  • Stackable in under-8-foot ceilings – 42” x 21” dimensions are perfect for any size room
  • Easy to mount vertically or horizontally using z-clips and built-in brackets for walls
  • Lab-tested and field-proven

How It Works