CIP & CIW Housed Spring Mounts

C Housed Spring Isolator Mounts may be used on outdoor applications. These vibration isolation spring mounts have lateral stability and are recommended for moderate horizontal wind loads without seismic restraint requirements.

“C” one inch minimum deflection spring isolator mounts provide greater vibration control than the lower deflection neoprene mounts. These vibration isolation spring mounts function the same as SLF mounts but have semi-circular neoprene sponge inserts that limit movement due to start and stop and horizontal wind load. These spring isolator mounts prevent contact between the projections of the upper and lower semi-circular casting. C spring vibration isolation spring mounts are recommended for all air-conditioning applications, under compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans and most other constant frequency vibration problems.

“C” two inch deflection spring isolator mounts are for use on equipment located on wide upper level building spans and roofs where more than one inch of deflection is needed to cancel the effect of the building spans deflection.