CFAB Cellulose Insulation Soundproofing

CFAB cellulose panels are a green insulation alternative to traditional fiberglass and synthetic panels. Order a cellulose soundproofing insulation board now!

Cellulose-Based Acoustical & Thermal Panels

  • Controls and deadens sound
  • Reduces airborne sound transmission
  • Blocks outdoor noise
  • Easy to handle and install – No special equipment required
  • Class A fire rating
  • Resists mold growth
  • Made from renewable and recycled fibers
  • Low VOC Emissions – Passes CDPH V1.2 Test Standard and can contribute to LEED V4.1 EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials

Innovative CFAB are made with a cellulose-based material, the first of its kind in our industry. Consisting of 65-75% recycled content, CFAB cellulose products represent an environmentally-responsible solution for acoustical materials.

This cellulose soundproofing insulation is an inventive, yet sustainable alternative to traditional fiberglass and synthetic acoustical or thermal panels, which are unreliable performers in a variety of different applications. CFAB Cellulose Panels are perfect for insulating an area of your next project, as acoustic panels/inserts, and a variety of other noise-reduction tasks. Find out more, and browse all of the product specs, below.