Automated Boarding Pass Control

The dormakaba system consists of a sensor barrier with automatic swing panels. The unit features an integrated boarding pass reader and a display for passenger information. The sensor system provides single-file access for passengers with space allowance for carry-on luggage.

Prevents misuse of boarding passes (for instance double use). 2D-barcode can be scanned from boarding passes, printed by airlines or from self-service kiosks, personal printers and smart phones
Provides airlines with the whereabouts of the passenger via scanned boarding passes. The information can be used to decide whether luggage should be taken off the aircraft (delayed passengers)
Provides passengers with updated messages, for instance gate change information
Manages First / business class, VIPs and airline staff separately, reducing wait times
Improves passenger flow
Provides operators with detailed reporting on passage, tailgating or attempt of passage in the wrong direction