Sound Absorbing Drapery

  • High-Quality Construction
  • PFR or IFR Face Layer & Lining Fabrics
  • Excellent Sound Absorption
  • Wool Core – Absorbs, Filters & Breaks Down Harmful VOC’s From The Air
  • Reflects Thermal Energy
  • Custom Designed For Any Application
  • Variety of Fabric Options

The Acousti-Curtain is a revolutionary new product. Sound absorbing drapery primarily designed to absorb more sound than standard decorative curtains. These noise reduction curtains are made with sound-absorbing material and are ideally used where control of acoustic reflection off of glass and ambient light control is required. These acoustical curtains feature a core material of naturally fire-resistant wool fabric that is sandwiched between a decorative fabric and a blackout liner. These noise-reducing curtains’ wool core material has also been shown to continuously filter harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air. The Acousti-Curtain product will also reflect thermal energy and block light when drawn across a window or doorway. The Acousti-Curtain is custom designed to fit and match your interior design specifications. Please call for a quote.

Note: The Acousti-Curtain sound absorbing fabric curtain does not block sound transmission and should not be used as a noise barrier.