125 kHz Credentials

dormakaba’s wide selection of 125kHz technology credentials offer universal compatibility for our 125kHz technology readers. They are available in Keyscan 36-bit format as well as standard 26 bit as clamshell and ISO graphics quality cards, fob and tag styles.
Keyscan 36 bit credential:

CS125-36 clamshell card

RCI 26 bit standard credential series:

1326 R Clamshell card
1386 R ISO Printable Card
1314 R Thick Printable Card
1346 R Proximity Fob

Farpointe 36 bit Keyscan credential series:

PSM-2P-H ISO graphics quality card
PSK-3-H fob
PDT-1-H adhesive tag

HID 36 bit Keyscan format credential series:

C1325 clamshell card
C1386 ISO graphics quality card
C1391 adhesive tag